The idea of ZÉLÉS magazine came about in the summer between our first and second year of architecture studies at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff. Wanting to escape from architecture, meet more people and discover new fields of work, hobbies, and expertise, we were moved to create an environment in which we could learn from and share with fellow zealous people. More than anything, ZÉLÉS provided a means through which we could engage with inspiring people. It became a way for us to appreciate, through a Skype meeting, coffee date, or during the time of the article’s construction, other jobs and occupations. Some of these would rarely catch anyone’s attention. Others have been recognized, written about or even publicized around the world. But what you will find at the bottom of all these stories is the expression of this rare but forceful energy that fuels the mind and body: zeal.

Why ZÉLÉS today? Until 1982, people used to have their occupations inscribed into their passports, making a vocation become part of one’s identity. Even the term vocation or its synonyms, such as calling, life’s work, purpose, or mission suggest that one’s occupation gives meaning to life and self. Today, in a world where people tend to shift from one sector or position to another, these definitions fluctuate. We therefore concluded that investigating zeal (which we believe is behind both the reason why people regularly shift jobs as well as the reason why others stay in the same field their entire life), had to be done through the lens of personal stories, anecdotes, essays, photographs, comic strips…

With love,

Ksenia, Augusta, Ana-Maria and Iris – the ZÉLÉS team

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